Recipe Holder

My wife, Colleen, comes from a tradition of great cooking. In our family over the years the cookbook or recipe card was placed on the counter amidst the ingredients. As a result, our cookbooks and cards are smudged with lots of character.

I have recently taken on cooking dinner and found I had to keep moving the cookbook and recipe card. Though I didn’t want another item on the counter, I felt we needed a recipe holder.

That night in thinking about a space saving cookbook/card holder I realized I could incorporate our angled knife rack as a support for a cookbook without increasing the footprint size by much more than the original knife rack.
I began with a single sketch of a cradle that fit the back of the knife rack.

After scavenging 4 pieces of 8”x 8” vertical grain fir and laminating them together I ended up with a block of wood 3”x 8”x 8”. That is not much material.I jointed a flat face and working edge. One thing led to another and soon I had this holder that integrated with…